No CAPEX required,
only OPEX

  • MOVEAM Informed, hundreds of KPIs, pattern behaviour and total control of the Condo.
  • MOEVAM Green. Energy-Efficient Upgrades. Corporate social responsibility. Savings in money and CO2 emissions
  • MOVEAM Secure, peace of mind to tenants
  • MOVEAM Net. Updated Technology
  • MOVEAM Way of life. Create a community with Clusters and roles (Social Life)
  • MOVEAM Free. Give freedom (from supply and utility companies) to tenants. It will help tenants to control their own budget and know how much they have left of their income
  • MOVEAM Home: responsive repairs and home automation. MOVEAM tenant relationship, engagement.
  • Derive the CAPEX of development assets and installations at a quota.
  • Decrease OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Increase income / rent through managed services to tenants.
  • Financing part of the CAPEX of the promotion.
  • Start up MOVEAM Platform.
  • OPEX and CAPEX sized for residential budget.
  • Service revenues.
  • Enhance de NOI
  • Impact on Yield on cost
  • Decrease Investment on development.
  • Optimal resources, without inefficiencies .
  • New revenues. Increase ARPU
  • ∆ YOC