… Step Ahead

One platform to manage a condo,
all condos managed in one platform.

We treat a space as a living being, where an interconnected ecosystem (off/on) is generated.

MOVEAM ONE is a best in class platform, a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enables to deliver everything from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated. Access over a secure Internet connection.

We generate an Ecosystem of services and solutions fully adapted to the needs of the space in which we operate, considering: the ergonomics of the property, contracted services and supplies, and especially the tenants, purpose and business base of MOVEAM.

MOVEAM ONE controls all the behavior patterns of the Ecosystem.

We can influence over the urbanization & tenants as if they were a «living being».


Technology and knowledge applied.

MOVEAM ONE platform uses state of the art technology, integrating proprietary and third parties solutions:

Artificial Intelligence

Combined connectivity (WiFi + NBIoT + LPWAN + Distributed Antenna Systems)

Expert Systems (experience + algorithms based in theory driven + convolutional neural networks)